Acentrus Specialty

Specialty pharmacy represents a powerful opportunity to improve care delivery, enhance patient satisfaction, and strengthen financial performance. Acentrus Specialty’s provider-centric approach to specialty pharmacy helps hospitals and health systems secure these opportunities by enhancing specialty pharmacy access and enabling full transparency into patient care.


Empowering partners to deliver performance through access, outcomes + insights.


Optimizing patient care and speed therapy through improved access, enablement of innovations, and performance insights.


Our core values are integrity, knowledge, innovation, responsiveness, and collaboration.


Our inclusive work culture allows our diverse workforce to deliver expected services for an exceptional customer experience.

The Specialty Pharmacy Solution for Health Systems

To address the complexity of the specialty pharmacy market, Acentrus has created a comprehensive specialty pharmacy solution that includes:

  • Channel partner agreements for dispensing support, backup pharmacy, and contract pharmacy
  • Manufacturer agreements that include companies with limited distribution drugs
  • Consulting partner agreements with specialty pharmacy experts
  • State pharmacy licensing expertise
  • Payer access that includes local, regional, and national strategy development
  • Specialty pharmacy accreditation solutions
  • Support service agreements for a variety of specialty pharmacy services

Health Systems

Acentrus is the specialty pharmacy solution for health systems, addressing the largest and fastest-growing area of health care expenditures by empowering clients to deliver exceptional, cost-effective, locally integrated care.

Acentrus enhances specialty pharmacy access and control for health systems and hospitals, from academic medical centers and community hospitals to integrated delivery networks.

Acentrus offers health systems and hospitals multiple participation levels to ensure their specialty pharmacy needs are met.


The advanced capabilities of Acentrus offer unique data opportunities to specialty pharmacy manufacturers, including:

  • Easy-to-submit data intake that enables health systems to meet manufacturer data requirements
  • Full data submissions that include network participants and contract pharmacy prescription fill data
  • PHI compliant data sharing processes that protect patient health information during outbound and inbound data sharing, and internal data processing
  • Robust data management capabilities that include validation and formatting, benchmarking, aggregation, and comprehensive data sets


The effective transformation of specialty pharmacy includes cohesive data integration across the entire continuum of care, including the ability of specialty pharmacy payers to track results, manage costs, and ensure proper data use.

Acentrus works with pharmacy benefit managers, specialty pharmacy consultants, coalitions, and local and regional health plans to form strategic partnerships that build a strong foundation for improved quality and demonstrable value to clients.

Acentrus provides solutions that improve performance by streamlining care coordination, allowing for:

  • Faster time-to-treatment
  • Reduced frustration among patients and providers
  • Improved follow-up and adherence
  • Reduced costs associated with care
  • Better care coordination


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