Prime Vendor Program

340B Prime Vendor Program

Apexus is the HRSA-designated Prime Vendor for the 340B Drug Pricing Program. In addition to helping 340B entities access the best price on covered outpatient drugs through contracting with pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors, Apexus supports 340B program integrity by providing education and technical assistance to all stakeholders. Our high impact education programs elevate program integrity in the marketplace and make understanding 340B and operating compliant programs within reach of all entities. Visit the 340B PVP website at

Apexus Advanced 340B Certificate Program

Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program

Do you work in 340B? Be recognized as an expert. The curriculum is tailored for stakeholders who are in high-impact positions regarding 340B implementation, as well consultants. Validate your 340B expertise with the leading certification program in the industry. Learn more.


Acentrus: The Health System Solution for Specialty Pharmacy

The growth in specialty drug spending is an avalanche of change that’s challenging how health systems and hospitals care for their patients. As specialty drugs grow in importance, they’re also becoming harder to obtain. Acentrus, Apexus’ health system solution for specialty pharmacy is in pilot test, launching in 2017. Learn more.