Why should I recertify?

340B ACE certification is the industry standard, as many covered entities and consulting firms are adding it to their job descriptions as a requirement for 340B-related positions. Recertifying as an ACE not only benefits the organization you represent, but it’s also critical for your own career advancement. As an added benefit, ACEs who review the quarterly released recertification content will earn continuing education (CE) credit.

What do I need to purchase to recertify?

ACEs must purchase the recertification exam for $200 to complete their recertification. The exam will be available in the course catalog five months prior to their expiration date. The exam covers content included in the recertification content released quarterly by the 340B Certificate Program. The recertification content is available to all Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program enrollees and ACEs at no cost within the Operations Certificate Exclusive Tools.

What does the recertification exam cost?

The total cost of recertification is $200.

When will the recertification exam be released?

The exam will be placed in your Apexus Education Portal Course Catalog when your recertification window opens.

How do I recertify?

It’s an easy three-step process to maintain your ACE certification:

  1. Review the recertification content in the Apexus Education Portal. An email notification will be sent to 340B ACEs when their recertification window opens. The notification includes their ACE expiration date along with the topics included on the recertification exam.
  2. Purchase the recertification exam for $200. The exam will be available in the course catalog during your recertification window.
  3. Pass the recertification exam and maintain your 340B Apexus Certified Expert status for another two years.

How far in advance will I be notified that I need to recertify?

You will be notified via email when the recertification exam is made available to you. The exam will be available in the course catalog during your recertification window. Then, you’ll have five months to successfully pass the exam.

What happens if I don't pass the recertification exam the first time?

Once purchased, learners can take the recertification exam up to three times to achieve a passing score of 70%. If you do not pass on the third attempt, contact

Are there any association discounts available?

There are no association discounts for the recertification exam.

What happens if I allow my certification to expire?

If you fail to take the recertification exam within your recertification window and your 340B ACE certificate expires, you may lose your ACE designation as well as access to the 340B Operations Certificate curriculum. You will then need to re-enroll in the Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program—and pay the full cost of the course—to regain access to the program.

Whom can I contact if I need help?

For questions about the program, contact


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