What is the 340B Prime Vendor Program?

The 340B Prime Vendor Program (PVP) is managed by Apexus through a contract awarded by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), which is responsible for administering the 340B Drug Pricing Program.

  • The PVP supports HRSA by communicating policy and providing education, training, and support to all 340B stakeholders.
  • The 340B PVP is a voluntary, transparent program for all stakeholders.
  • There is no fee for eligible covered entities to enroll and participate in the Prime Vendor Program.


As the nation's trusted 340B Prime Vendor, Apexus serves the government and all 340B stakeholders to support medication access and program integrity.


Apexus supports 340B program compliance and improves outpatient medication access through contracting, education, and service offerings for the nation's safety net providers and their stakeholders.


Our core values are integrity, knowledge, innovation, responsiveness, and collaboration.

Apexus 340B Prime Vendor Solutions

340B Stakeholders

Apexus is the government's 340B Prime Vendor. In that role, we connect stakeholders to provide solutions that are simple, effective, and provide high value, at no cost to the government, taxpayers, or health care providers. Our main areas of impact include partnering to deliver services in an efficient and transparent way.


Since 2004, the Prime Vendor Program (PVP) has brought together manufacturers and covered entities to achieve lower drug pricing for those who need it most. Our contracting model brings the best of the free market: a voluntary program for manufacturers and entities that is flexible enough to deliver value to both stakeholder groups. Our high entity participation rates, large number of participating manufacturers, and significant savings percentages demonstrate that the PVP is well-functioning. This simple, transparent model leverages competition to deliver value.


The PVP partners with national, regional, and specialty distributors to manage distribution networks. These distribution options provide choice and promote competition in the marketplace, which drives value. Serving as a central source to oversee these distributors, the PVP supports 340B compliance by ensuring pricing integrity in these distributor relationships. Ultimately, the PVP ensures efficiency and consistency for stakeholders through these distributor solutions.


Apexus collaborates with all types of 340B stakeholders to deliver free, nationwide, online, and in-person education through the 340B University. Our Prime Vendor Program website features additional educational resources, including HRSA answers to 340B frequently asked questions and compliance tools and templates. All at no cost.


All 340B stakeholders have equal access to technical assistance by contacting the Apexus Answers call center. We provide HRSA-aligned answers to over 2,000 questions a month, ranging from basic to complex, via phone 888.340.BPVP (2787), live chat, and email.

Manufacturer Refund Service

We align manufacturers, distributors, and covered entities to facilitate resolving manufacturer overcharges to covered entities. By leveraging existing relationships and technology, the Prime Vendor Program delivers an effective and efficient way to collaborate: the Apexus Manufacturer Refund Service.


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