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Apexus works with more than 25,000 health care providers across the United States to lower their costs for purchasing outpatient pharmaceutical products, allowing them to stretch their resources to serve more low-income and uninsured patients. As the exclusive contract for the 340B Drug Pricing Program, managed by the Health Resources and Service Administration (HRSA), Apexus negotiates significant discounts for branded and generic pharmaceuticals while working with providers to help them comply with 340B regulations and guidance. Apexus works closely with HRSA's Office of Pharmacy Affairs to improve the integrity of the 340B program.

How Apexus Can Help You:



Negotiating with hundreds of pharmaceutical companies to obtain savings on thousands of products and services.



Running the 340B UniversityTM, a HRSA-endorsed training program to assist stakeholders in remaining fully compliant with 340B rules and regulations.


Distribution Network

Providing a national network of traditional and specialty distributors to enable 340B-priced medications to reach participating hospitals and clinics.

Apexus Answers

Apexus Answers

Managing Apexus Answers, the national 340B call center, for all stakeholders.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), or the most often asked inquires, are here for your convenience. Have a 340B question? It may have already been answered. View Apexus' FAQ page to find out.

340B Tools

Industry experts collaborated to create various tools and resources to assist entities in promoting 340B compliance and providing practical information about 340B program fundamentals.

Latest Events

Apexus keeps an up to date compilation of events relevant to 340B, including background information and registration links. This includes links to all 340B University sessions.

The Apexus Compass

Be Knowledgeable: 4 Steps to 340B University OnDemand

Apexus is excited to launch a new education offering this month—340B University OnDemand, a free online education program with 340B coursework for all stakeholders. For those of you who are familiar with our live 340B University sessions, this program is similar in terms of the level of content but has the added benefit of being available online. Here’s what you can do to get started:

1. Register.

It is free and easy. Whether you are working in or with a covered entity, manufacturer, consultant, vendor, or contract pharmacy, 25 modules will be released and available for you in 2015. We will be releasing the modules in the curriculum in waves, so a new batch of modules will be accessible monthly. The modules are accessible in a learning portal by registering here: www.apexus.com/solutions/education/340b-u-ondemand.

2. Select your topics.


There is content for new learners and 340B “veterans” just needing a refresher. You are in control—you can choose which modules to watch in the order that makes sense to you, although we provide a recommended order so you can build your knowledge over time. Topics include eligibility, registration, recertification, pricing, contract pharmacy, implementation, audit preparedness, and many more.

3. Click “play.”


Do this at your own pace, repeat portions at your leisure, and watch modules anywhere—at work or at home. You will get the benefit of organized and comprehensive information, including HRSA FAQs and 340B University tools that apply to each topic, right at your fingertips. You can even test your understanding with the knowledge checks designed to cover key points. We created these modules with your engagement in mind—we didn’t use a bullet-to-bullet format. We’ve all sat through one too many training programs like that!

4. Share your knowledge.


Take what you’ve learned to raise the level of program integrity within your organization and beyond. Leaders: This would be a great way to get your staff trained and get documentation for employee files too—the curriculum grants a Statement of Completion to those who complete all the modules.

Spoiler alert!!!

Interested in going beyond being knowledgeable? Stay tuned in 2016 for the Apexus Advanced 340B Certificate Program—it will help you Be the Expert.

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