Learn, Network, and Gain 340B Experience

Residents can distinguish themselves in the job market by completing a PGY2 hands-on rotation at Apexus’ corporate office in Irving, Texas or virtually, where they will gain an in-depth understanding of the 340B Program. They will connect directly with senior leadership throughout the rotation, learning the roles and perspectives of safety-net providers, drug manufacturers, pharmacy wholesalers, advocacy organizations, and other 340B stakeholders.

A four-week Apexus rotation provides the opportunity to:

  • Become an integrated member of the Apexus team
  • Contribute to projects that will affect stakeholders nationwide
  • Learn from Apexus senior leadership and their years of industry experience
  • Understand how the 340B Program assists hospitals, health centers, and grantees in providing care to underserved patients
  • Develop a network of industry leaders that residents can use as a resource throughout their careers

Gain a broad understanding of:

  • Supplier and distributor contracting approaches
  • Application of federal policy to pharmacy practice
  • Managing compliant pharmacy operations

Areas of focus

  • 340B regulatory compliance
  • National 340B operational challenges through Apexus Answers
  • Operations management and pharmacy leadership
  • Supply chain management


Residents can develop their skills by taking advantage of a unique learning experience that will ultimately support their career advancement in pharmacy practice. Activities will be customized and based on the resident’s abilities, interests, timing, and organizational and departmental priorities during the residency training year. Evaluation will be based on participation in the leadership activities assigned, including contribution to discussions regarding management and leadership initiatives.

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Rotation Background

The 340B Operations Rotation is a 4-week elective learning experience offered at the Apexus headquarters in Irving, Texas or virtually. Apexus is the government contracted 340B Prime Vendor for all types of covered entities participating in the 340B Program. The 340B Program is a challenging program that is continually evolving. Many covered entities dedicate significant resources to stay up to date with current guidance, changing policies, and challenging operations to maintain compliance with this vital program. This rotation strives to give the resident a firm understanding of the 340B Program and its requirements. By the end of the rotation, residents will have developed a valuable skillset, potentially differentiating themselves from other recent residency graduates in the job market.

Topic Discussions/Areas of Experience:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Operational Management
  • Financial Management
  • Regulatory and Legislative Management
  • Current Policy and Operational Application
  • Supply Chain and Contract Management

The resident and the preceptor(s) will have topic discussions based on the learner’s ability and areas of interest. The resident will review reading materials prior to meetings, and discussions will incorporate real-life experiences/perspectives.

Preceptor Interaction

The resident will interact with the preceptor(s) on a daily basis through leadership activities throughout the rotation. The resident will meet with preceptors during the first week to discuss expectations and learning objectives for the rotation. It will be the responsibility of the resident to work with the preceptor(s) to find time for individual and group meetings and to keep the preceptor(s) informed of project development.

Rotation Faculty

Feedback and Evaluation

Each resident will be evaluated based on his/her participation in the leadership activities assigned. Resident participation and contribution in discussions regarding management and leadership work within the organization will be evaluated. Verbal feedback on the resident’s performance will be provided throughout the learning experience.

PharmAcademic will be used for formal documentation of the resident’s overall performance. Evaluations must be completed within PharmAcademic no later than 7 days post-learning experience.

Resident Responsibilities and Expected Progression

The resident will be able to actively demonstrate leadership and other skills observed/learned during the learning experience. Throughout the rotation, the resident will be expected to illustrate independence in completion of rotation assignments with limited supervision. Based on regular check-in discussions, time will be spent revisiting focus areas in which the resident and preceptor determine that additional learning experiences are necessary. The resident will be given immediate feedback regarding performance and opportunities for improvement during the learning experience.

On the first day of the rotation, the preceptor will review expectations with the resident. Throughout the learning experience, the resident will participate in activities/meetings assigned by the preceptor. Activities will be customized based on the resident’s abilities, interests, timing, and organizational priorities. Each week, the resident will be exposed to learning experiences with a focus on communication, financial management, operational management, regulatory management, and leadership.

Residents are expected to speak about their involvement in assigned activities in weeks 2–4. Residents should familiarize themselves with the objectives and activities associated with each goal. They will be assessed based on their ability to achieve assigned goals.

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How to Apply

PGY2 Pharmacy Administration residents interested in applying for the Apexus 340B Operations Rotation must submit applications by April 15.

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