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August 23, 2022

340B Expertise When You Need It

In the dynamic world of 340B, identifying and resolving noncompliance issues can be a time-consuming task. Stakeholders can streamline, simplify, and strengthen their 340B operations with solutions from Apexus, which brings together a wealth of knowledge, from credentialing to noncompliance resolution, to help manage a smooth and successful 340B program. Since Apexus established the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program in 2016, 340B stakeholders have relied on the team’s 340B expertise to provide the highest level of insight needed to understand the current 340B landscape, maintain compliance, and manage a 340B program effectively. Now, through the new Covered Entity Refund Service (CRS), Apexus has developed best practices and processes to resolve noncompliance issues quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Compliance isn’t an option; neither is expertise

The Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program, an industry-recognized certification, has provided exclusive advanced operational resources, continuing education, and expert perspective in all aspects of 340B management. Today, more than 2,000 Apexus Certified Experts (340B ACEs) have completed the program.

Build and maintain expertise

Contribute to compliance best practices

  • Participate in 340B ACE Connect, a peer exchange program launched at this year’s 340B Coalition Summer Conference
  • Attend 340B ACE events and networking opportunities, including a private LinkedIn group for ACEs
  • Access exclusive resources, including webinars and tools to help covered entities operationalize processes, manage inventory, initiate contracts, and more
  • Discover the best practices of other ACEs across the nation in the 340B ACE Spotlights

Make the most of the ACE Search tool

  • Ensure expertise by validating who has an 340B ACE credential to ensure hiring employees who are highly trained in 340B Program requirements.
  • Determine if your job candidate is a certified expert in 340B management and compliance.
  • Feel confident knowing that your team members meet the industry standard for 340B expertise.

Streamlined Refund Resolution

The Covered Entity Refund Service facilitates the return of ineligible 340B discounts to manufacturers. Apexus works directly with covered entities and/or their contracted consultants to efficiently process refunds to manufacturers through a proprietary process, reducing the time and effort spent resolving errors. Providing a best practice process for facilitating covered entity refunds, the Apexus CRS brings the expertise of Apexus in 340B compliance, analysis, project management, and reporting to standardize refunds. Covered entities benefit by using the Apexus CRS to manage their 340B refunds to streamline the process of refund calculation, documentation, and resolution.

Invest in an all-in-one refund solution

  • Save time with an efficient solution to resolving noncompliance
  • Apexus CRS uses standardized templates to streamline refund documentation and resolution
  • Apexus CRS maintains a database of manufacturer contacts to eliminate time spent finding the correct contacts for refunds
  • Apexus’ uniform calculation methodology, using current and historic WAC prices for the applicable NDCs, ensures accurate refund offers

Benefit from the Apexus advantage

  • Support from Apexus, a thought leader and go-to resource for outpatient pharmacy solutions
  • Expertise in 340B transaction analysis and complex project management
  • Dedicated team members with significant experience managing refunds
  • Cooperation from manufacturers to standardize the refund process

Learn how Apexus can strengthen your 340B Program expertise and compliance. For more information, visit or call 888.340.2787.

The Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program and Covered Entity Refund Service are separate Apexus offerings that are not a part of the 340B Prime Vendor Program or otherwise associated with the Prime Vendor Agreement between HRSA and Apexus.


Health systems demand 340B expertise. Validate your 340B skills with the Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program and become an Apexus Certified Expert.

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