340B Trends & Hot Topics 2021 Module and Recertification Exam

Get current. Get recognized. Get credit.

The Apexus Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program has released a new module enabling learners to stay current on the latest 340B Program trends and hot topics. We are also offering a recertification exam, based on the content of the new module, so 340B Apexus Certified Experts (ACEs) due to recertify can maintain their 340B expert status.

The 340B Program is complex and dynamic. New regulations, guidelines, and policy releases are published to clarify important information about program compliance and requirements. As a result, innovative best practices emerge and soon become widely accepted standard procedures.

No matter if you’re already a 340B Apexus Certified Expert (ACE) or still working toward that goal, staying up to date on the 340B Program can be a significant challenge. So, it’s critical – not only for the organization you represent, but also for your own career advancement as a recognized 340B expert – that you keep up with the most current 340B-related hot topics.

Look for our new module and recertification exam!

Our new 340B Trends & Hot Topics 2021 module provides the most current information on 340B-related trends, best practices, and program updates. The new update module is designed to help you stay up to date on the latest 340B Program hot topics. The cost of the module is $200.

By taking and passing our new recertification exam, which is based on the content contained in the 340B Trends & Hot Topics 2021 module, 340B ACEs who are due to recertify can maintain their valuable ACE status for another two years. ACEs will be able to purchase the module content, and the recertification exam will be made available within their Apexus Education Portal 60 days prior to their certificate expiration date.

This is why you need to recertify:

ACE certification is the industry standard, as many covered entities and consulting firms are adding it to their job descriptions for 340B-related positions. Recertifying as an ACE not only benefits the entity you represent, but it also validates your in-depth, up-to-date expertise to your organization’s leadership and ensures that you continue to have access to our 340B Program content. Our program is the only one-stop industry source for invaluable 340B information compiled by experts in the field.

Continuing education credit available.

Learners who complete the module will receive 2 hours of continuing education credit. To obtain CE credit, watch the new module in its entirety and log your CE credits through ProCE. More information about CE credit is available at the end of the 340B Trends & Hot Topics 2021 module.

Countdown to recertification.

The recertification exam will remain in your learning catalog for 60 days and you must pass the exam before the 60 days are up. We’ll send you reminder emails. ACEs whose certificate expires less than 60 days following the release of the module and exam will have 60 days after receiving the first notification email.

Four easy steps to recertify.

It’s an easy four-step process to maintain your ACE certification:

  1. Select the 340B Trends & Hot Topics 2021 module and recertification exam in your catalog.
  2. Make your $200 payment.
  3. View the module.
  4. Take the recertification exam. Exam will be added to your catalog 60 days before you are due to recertify.

Don’t let your ACE certification expire!

If you fail to take the recertification exam within the 60-day time frame and let your ACE certification expire, you will lose your ACE designation as well as access to the 340B Operations Certificate curriculum. You will then need to re-enroll in the Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program – and pay the full cost of the course – to regain access to the program.

The Advanced 340B Operations Certificate Program is a separate Apexus offering that is not a part of the 340B Prime Vendor Program or otherwise associated with the Prime Vendor Agreement between HRSA and Apexus.

The program is provided solely for education and/or instructional purposes, and the learner assumes exclusive responsibility for using and applying the information presented therein. Successful completion of the program does not confer a professional license or other equivalent designation or qualification on the learner.

Passing score thresholds are subject to change.


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